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Intention Integration Implementation

– Gráinne Delaney  

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IT/ Finance Professionals

No one doubts your expertize but you want to develop your CQ and EQ to match your IQ.

Coaching provides support around your ability to create, contribute to and harness, the power within networks of people and relationships. (CQ)

And improves your capacity to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self and others. (EQ)

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Your passion and purpose are clear. Your ideas are solid.

How do you sharpen your pitch into a sticky story and engage prospective partners to commit, or invest?

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You need a safe sounding board to brain storm ideas, integrate work/life demands, or be challenged from a fresh perspective.

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HR & Teams

Your engineers or auditors have to develop from technical experts to trusted advisors that co-create strategic vision across multiple stakeholders.

How do you create trust?

You have a team that is not productive due to an internal clash of styles, cultures, or values.

How can you create alignment?

The proposal team look great on paper but fail to connect with the client when they get in the room.

How do you create rapport?

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Grainne Delaney – International Coach

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