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HR & Talent Management

There is no doubt about the Future of Work including a Diversity Officer, Director of Wellbeing, or Head of Employee Experience. HR is no longer a back-office function, but an integrated part of strategy with a multitude of roles. 

Our creative scenario work will help provide solutions for Kick Off or Onboarding Events, developing Leadership Pathways, or supporting Wellness and Engagement initiatives.


We have coached many different groups and individuals from the IT and Finance Professions. 

Whether requests to help Teams win tender proposals; Organizations aligning their internal values across the globe; or simply connecting online as a task force. 

Our tools and frameworks support your thinking and process, provide a shared experience and a safe space for reflection and growth.

“To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.” Thomas Moore


No one doubts your expertise around subject matter but getting it across or influencing stakeholders, is preventing your career development.

Coaching improves your capacity to perceive, manage and respond to the emotions of oneself and others (Emotional Intelligence, or EQ) 

And provides support around your ability to create, contribute to and harness the power of networks and relationships. (Cultural Intelligence, or CQ)

Coaching Programs use the 3 pillars of Authenticity, Empathy and Collaboration to develop your soft skill set and executive presence so your CQ and EQ matches your IQ. 

Start Up or Entrepreneur

Your passion and purpose are clear. Your ideas solid.

How do you sharpen your pitch into a sticky story that engages others to commit?

If you want to make impact or inspire, you have to really connect to your audience, establish strong solid contact, use narratives that they can associate with, dream into and essentially make their own.

You have to move them. Practicing this takes time. 

Coaching programs provide structured rehearsal methods, audience analysis, role-play, and different levels of feedback.

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